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Zircon (zirconium oxide) crown and bridge

Zirconia porcelain based crown solutions currently represent the most advanced technology in the field of prosthetics. These are such metal-free crowns, which combine the properties and benefits of crowns made of metal and porcelain.

The advantages of zirconia-ceramic restorations are as follows:

  •  metal-free thus non-allergic
  •  the zircon base is similar in color shade to theeth color, therefore prosthesis made from it can maximally fit to the original shades
  •  perfect fit for closure due to the technology used in its production phase
  •  it does not irritate the surrounding tissues, so there is less gum recession
  •  results in reliable, powerful prosthesis

There is another metal-free prosthetic technology which has now become very popular in our dentistry. It prepares zirconia dioxide crowns and bridges with CAD / CAM computer system.
During the preparation of zirconia dioxide crowns and bridges, the dentist first takes the impression of the prepared teeth, or of the head stamp in the case of implants. The samples made on the basis of each impression get scanned with a special scanner in the dental lab. Via internet this scanned information goes directly to the international central manufacture, where zirconium base is produced.
Shape development of the final prosthesis happens in the dental lab due to the given characteristics of the individual aesthetic, biomechanical and hygienic properties.

Properties of metal-free (Zirconium) crown

  • completely metal-free, suitable for the metal allergic too
  • stronger than metals, yet tooth-colored ceramic body, which transmits light
  • porcelain veneers to perfectly mimic natural enamel
  • natural, maximum aesthetic effect
  • optimum light transmission
  • no gray gumline
  • due to its strong body multi-section bridges can be built from it
  • highly precise and accurate thanks to computer technology
  • no gingivitis or gum retraction appears next to it
  • microscopic edge closure
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