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Complicated root canals are performed in our office with a special dental operating LABOMED microscope. In this way, even those root canals that are invisible to the naked eye become visible and manageable. Our doctors are able to carry out successful interventions even in cases that are difficult to solve, where general dental practice would fail.

We make zirconium dioxide and aluminum dioxide frames using CAD/CAM technology. These frames have excellent material properties and biocompatibility, and thanks to their white or tooth-colored shade, we can achieve an even more lifelike, aesthetically higher level ceramic covering. Watch our video on computer-aided manufacturing to see how digitally designed dentures are made.

Thanks to the CEREC – CADCAM digital dental technology used in our office, the prepared teeth can replace the first teeth with perfect accuracy. Watch our video, which shows the precision and reliability of digital, computerized dentistry and the perfect restoration in action.

CEREC is a unique patent of the German Sirona (Siemens group), which uses an infrared camera directly from the mouth to so-called it photographs the prepared tooth based on a digital, optical scan, so there is no need to make a traditional impression at all. Based on this, the software creates a 3-dimensional model, and then the design program gives you the opportunity to create the dental prosthesis virtually.