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There are a number of people who have such a great deal of fear of dental treatments that it is rather difficult to get themselves to visit the dentistry. This can lead to serious problems, which unnecessarily increase the complexity of interventions, as well as the dental expenses, and time spent under treatment.

If a person is unable to tolerate the stress associated with dentistry, our treatments can be carried out under general anesthesia or conscious sedation as well.

Nowadays one can even escape the little prick of the needle of the traditional anesthetic injection because flavored anesthetic gels are available. Instead of the conventional lidocaine injection we apply a four times stronger drug effect (Ultacain, Articain)  to achieve perfect pain relief even in a highly inflamed environment.

Az anesthetic solution is delivered tactfully into our patients the system with the latest technology using hair-thin needles, the so-called Karpullar system, which hardly ever causes the slightest inconvenience.

For our patients who respond with uncontrollable fear, almost panic reaction to the most banal interventions in the dentistry we can recommend general anesthesia or conscious sedation to carry out these interventions. In our surgery it is possible to carry out oral surgery and dentistry intervention under sedation in the presence of professional Anesthetist assistance in a room specifically designed for these purposes.

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Teeth whitening


Instead of 132.000 Ft 

52.800 Ft

Package includes:

  • All inclusive health check
  • Ultrasonic plaque removal
  • Tooth friedly LED whitening
  • Fluorine containing protective pencil