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In a family different generations live together closely, where the young and the elderly are both fundamentally effected – with possibly the deepest effects of a lifetime forming the family members’ lifestyle with long term health consequences.

It is very important with managing child patients that from the first consultation through the therapy to the counseling the dentist goes through the whole experience together with parents, grand-parents too. This ensures most that oral hygiene instructions and lifestyle suggestions get most effectively implemented in the everyday life of children.

Our doctors tailor a series of treatments especially designed to keep the state of patients’ teeth as healthy as possible.

Caring for your child’s teeth begins with family planning, with preparing to become parents, fixing teeth problems and with establishing proper eating habits.

Dental care in the different stages of life should meet different criteria. Dental care in the family vary according to these phases:

  •     the period of pregnancy
  •     the age of newborn
  •     the period with milk tooth
  •     the time of  tooth change
  •     young adulthood
  •     between the age of 35-60
  •     over 60
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Teeth whitening


Instead of 132.000 Ft 

52.800 Ft

Package includes:

  • All inclusive health check
  • Ultrasonic plaque removal
  • Tooth friedly LED whitening
  • Fluorine containing protective pencil