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In so-called CADCAM computerized dental technology, beside high level aesthetics precision, quickness and use of „human body friendly”materials are carried out at the same time. Meaning of CADCAM: computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing.

CEREC is a singular patent of German Sirona (Siemens group), it consists of a special device which captures images, and a high-precision micro lathe. An optical impression of the prepared tooth is taken by the special device using an infrared camera, directly from the mouth on the basis of so-called digital, optical scanning, by this way there it is not necessary at all to make a traditional impression. On the basis of this, software makes a 3D virtual model, then design software makes possible to design a virtual tooth restoration. Final result is a marvellous and beautiful, quality, human body friendly, lasting dental restoration, all these within 45-50 minutes.

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Teeth whitening


Instead of 132.000 Ft 

52.800 Ft

Package includes:

  • All inclusive health check
  • Ultrasonic plaque removal
  • Tooth friedly LED whitening
  • Fluorine containing protective pencil