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Dental fillings actually restore material deficiency caused by decay. After removing the decayed tooth material, the anatomical form of the tooth crown is being restored with the help of an aesthetic filling material that follows tooth color.

Can aesthetic tooth fillings be used with all types of carious?

The decay rate is actually defining the limits of the use of aesthetic fillings. It is optimally used in case of small and medium-sized carious with the right amount of healthy teeth remaining to be saved.  Aesthetic fillings can be used both with front and with chewing teeth offering a permanent solution.

Using the most modern aesthetic restoratives with several available color shades we can  create “invisible” restorations. With the various layering techniques, tooth tissue layer structure became  restorable both functionally and optically.

Since these materials are very sensitive to moisture (humidity in the exhaled air can influence material properties or even impair bonding of the filling materials), we strive to achieve complete isolation in all cases. Using a rubber sheet (rubber dam) the tooth can be treated in absolute saliva and moisture-free conditions.

Aesthetic fillings – what are they made of?

The fillings are today made of a porcelain-resin-base composite paste, from which aesthetic restorations can be prepared functioning well in the long run that are also in color harmony with the patient’s teeth.

An aesthetic filling harden for a specific wavelength of curing light, which provides a perfect solution from both cosmetical and functional perspective. The latest filling materials allow for the application of several shades in one particular dental filling in order to achieve a result that is as natural looking and unnoticed as it can be. Due to the continuous development, a whole palette of colors is available with which color shades can be created that are identical to the original color of the teeth. Often multi-color filling is applied within each layer  to achieve natural color harmony with the adjacent tooth surfaces.

Wonderfully even, white and beautiful smile can be created with the least invasive, painless technique immediately. It achieves incredibly spectacular changes!

You don’t like the shape or color of your incisor? Maybe a canine of yours? Or disappointed with a slightly oblique tooth? Discolored older filling?

Fortunately, because of aesthetic problems you do not necessarily have to cover the whole crown today, or grind the whole tooth. By making a metal-free porcelain shell lots of aesthetic problems can be excellently corrected:

  • minor tooth damage in first teeth or exfoliation of the edges
  • the roughness of tooth crisp, chipping
  • arranging right alignment of teeth within the row or outside
  • color correction of filled or root-treated tooth
  • reducing or complete hiding of the gap between loose or standing apart teeth
  • correction of misalignment without orthodontic correction

Direct veneer from aesthetic filling material

By applying several thin coats of a special filling material the primary tooth color, size, character can easily be retailored even without grinding. The end result is immediately visible and can be worn, as there is no need for a dental technician work. The technology is absolutely painless and it is not necessary to insult the integrity of tooth enamel. These metal free veneers are durable, beautiful,  so there is no need to apply crowns in all situations.

In our surgery the preparation of direct veneers is one of the most popular aesthetic dentistry treatments and our experienced doctors can easily find the solution right for You, as well as the perfect color and form, even in the context of computerised smile design.

In case of heavy occlusal abnormalities we should tend to suggest orthodontics. We would not recommend veneers either in case of rather neglected, decayed, missing or damaged teeth but following proper treatment we usually recommend crown.

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