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Cosmetic whitening

A beautiful smile gives confidence and radiates satisfaction, joy of life, energy. In the course of our lives depending on our lifestyle (coffee, tea, red wine, spices, tobacco) we tend to have increasingly discolored teeth. Whitening toothpaste can not basically lighten the color of teeth.

However, the method used in our dentistry is a safe and effective way to make teeth whiter. The whitening gel used dissolves stains deposited on the surface with the help of the released oxygen and so it eliminates the unpleasant optical effects.

The available variety of teeth whitening methods is of key importance in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

There are two basic forms: the home-use whitening and the surgery based whitening method.

For the purposes of home teeth whitening a flexible silicone rail is made after the patient's teeth impression, into which the patient himself fills the bleaching material and then they place a rail to both the lower and upper teeth.
The treatment lasts  for one week or 10 days, and results in a 2-3 shades lighter color. Influencing factors are for example the patient's eating habits.

During the surgery based whitening a tooth whitening substance is applied to the patient's teeth and then the dentist uses a special light to activate components. This material is of higher concentrations and with the help of this up to a 3-4 color shades difference can be reached. The procedure takes only a 2-3 times 15 minutes.

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