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Smile Design

Smile Design

Our impression of a man's face is largely shaped by the teeth. A beautiful face is proportionate and harmonious. Due to extensive loss of teeth, or bad dentures there can appear a change in the patient's basic facial harmony and they  "lose face".

You may also want to see how your smile will show after the dental treatment? Want an individual smile that only you feature?

A perfect smile is now available to anyone, and the result is predictable with the smile design technology. Smile developed through the smile design can be modeled in many cases very quickly, and can be worn as a temporary prosthesis for the patient in manifested form. Thus, they can acquire functional and aesthetic “first hand” experience of the proposed dentures.

The technician will also work much easier if they get the exact parameters of the diagnosis and the draft smile design, so the expected results are quite clear, the smile design photos actually show the full expectation which is more accurate than  any descriprtion.

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