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About implants

By placing dental implants (in other words artificial root) fixed dental prosthesis can be made which are completely equivalent to lost, natural teeth, without having to prepare natural teeth which remained. Nowadays implants surgical techniques have reached an advanced state that makes possible replacing the missing tooth when it is extracted, or within a few weeks time. In many cases it is still really possible to bond inmediately a crown to the placed artificial root. By this way our patient will leave our office without tooth gaps after the surgery, with aesthetically restored teeth.
If the lack of teeth is wide-spread, teeth can not be restored by bonded dental restorations in the traditional sense of the word, but by removable denture. In these situations completing remained teeth with implants fixed dental restorations can be made, and by this way unpleasant feeling of getting used to and wearing removable denture can be avoided. If it is not possible to make fixed dental restorations at all, stability of removable dentures can be considerably increased by bonding them to implants.
Material of implants is titanium of high cleanness, or zirconium dioxide, incidence of allergic reaction to it is nearly zero.
Unfortunately, despite the most cautious treatment, implants can be thrown out in 1- 2 % of surgery, because of unforeseeble circumstances. That is why, so as to finish dental implant placements successfully in the majority of cases, it is required to have a complete blood and urine test for placing dental implants.

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